Car Interior Repairs

Interior velour and leather upholstery seats or door trims which have become torn, scuffed or damaged can be quickly repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Special repair techniques and materials are used to repair minor tears and holes. Special water-based paints are then used to restore the original colour to as good as new.

Cigarette burns are tricky. These days many seats cannot be recovered as the fabric is chemically bonded to the foam padding. This leaves two options: complete replacement or a smart repair. We replace the burnt fibres with new ones using a unique matching system to match the original fabric pattern as close as possible and making the repair almost invisible to the naked eye.

Plastic dashboards that become cracked or that has holes in can be repaired again with special techniques and materials. Special fillers, paints and graining materials will be used to recreate the original finish so it will be almost invisible.

Our mobile repair service covers most interior repairs, cigarette burns, trim and dashboard repairs and minor scuffs to leather seats, call us today.

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